Jody Mansour handcrafts all of his Jody Jewellery creations in London.
 Each artwork is a labour of love that has been lovingly created over many hours. Jody does all metal work by hand, starting from sheet and wire, utilising conventional fabrication processes. 
After construction is complete, Jody adds finishing touches such as bezels, prongs, bead-setting, and traditional hand-push engraving.
Jody is proud to use only high-quality real materials in her creations. All items are made from fine/sterling silver and solid gold sourced in the United Kingdom, as well as genuine gemstones cut by respected lapidary craftsmen. Environmental sustainability and ethical behaviours are high priorities in the materials choosing process. Jody Jewellery uses 100% conflict-free diamonds. 
Jody Jewellery seeks to create heirloom-quality pieces that are built to last, using beautiful and rare natural materials that will only grow in value and rarity with time.